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Organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizer

Our fertilizers are an effective, natural replacement for synthetic fertilizer. With our large processing volumes we are able to supply a uniform product of constant quality.


The product conforms to the European Union hygiene standard EU1069/2009. During processing, the fertilizer is hygienised by heating to 70°C and maintaining this temperature for one hour.


Our organic fertilizers can be used as a basis for plant nutrition and improving the quality of your soil. Please contact us for delivery of organic fertilizer as well as transport of fertilizer or manure.


- Stable product through controlled production in large volumes
- Production conforming to EG 1069/2009 regulations
- Source of organic matter
- Increased soil microbial activity
- Sustainable and natural product

Product specification


Organic fertilizer produced by Orgamex. The main raw materials are solid fraction pig manure.

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Organic fertilizer mainly produced from chicken manure, delivering a high content of nitrogen for effective plant growth.

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