About us

About us

Orgamex is a producer of organic fertilizer as well as a transport company for supply of manure directly from farm to farm. We therefore play an important role in the chain of agriculture from farm to feed.


We are located in Bladel, in the south of the Netherlands. Daily, manure is supplied directly from farms and composted to organic fertilizer of constant quality. By processing large volumes we are able to guarantee a reliable and uniform product. Composting occurs without external energy input, in aerated tunnels, through biological warming of the manure supply. During the biological heating, the conditions within the tunnels are continuously monitered. After heating, the compost is kept at a temperature of 70°C for at least 1 hour to remove pathogens and pests. This yields a uniform humus conforming to European standards for organic fertilizer.

Transport, separation

Orgamex is a sister company of TonTrans B.V.. We are also happy to support you with transport or separation of your manure.

Organic fertilizer

We produce organic fertilizer applied in agriculture. The main raw materials are separated cow or pig manure as well as solid chicken manure. Besides the basic plant nutrients N, P and K, the organic fertilizer contains high amounts of organic matter and trace elements.

Our organic fertilizers are 100% natural products. In contrast to synthetic fertilizer, the use of natural fertilizer contributes to formation of a healthy humus layer, increasing microbial activity in the soil. This way the natural fertility and fragile ecology in the soil can be maintained. Claudia van Genugten
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